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gemini   16/06/1984   (38)
Немного о себе

The "light" cigarettes are made by impregnating the tobacco with carbon dioxide, wherein the tobacco "foams" and the fill weight of the cigarettes. It turns out that in one such tobacco cigarette contains less than "heavy", but this difference is very small, and it is not known how harmful to the body like "foam".

Observed that smokers "" hooked "by the lungs and menthol cigarettes are much stronger than on ordinary, so that the amount of nicotine ingested they not less severe than smokers who use conventional cigarette.
discount cigarettes
Some types of light in the filter of cigarettes contain special channels for inhaled smoke is mixed with air. Interestingly, the part of the advanced special way smokers hold a cigarette, closing the channels, so that the effect of smoking was stronger.

Is often a discount cigarettes after a meal for a "better digestibility." At the same time the body redirects its efforts on neutralizing the action of the combustion products of tobacco and the withdrawal of the decay products, which is why the food is digested longer, causing confidence that the process is more "thoroughly".

Some kind of men raises elegant ladies, languidly protracted cigarette. The roots of this fetish usually go in early childhood. We must add that cigarette smoking, especially menthol causes blood flow to the penis, so if you want to achieve success in this field - should not be smoking.

According to various controlling bodies every fourth cigarette in the world smuggled.

Most smokers acquire the habit during adolescence, when to buy their own cigarettes is still impossible, but smoking is perceived as a sign of "maturity", along with shaving, wearing bladed weapons, alcohol, drugs and sexual experience.

Smoker often claims that the smoking process he feels confident, relaxation, mindfulness, concentration, and other sensations. In fact, smoking causes in man precisely the effects that he wants to feel. Cigarette - the most powerful placebo (medicine, the effect of which - in the belief) that leads to a strong and prolonged dependence.

There are some substances and processes (natural, patented and is usually closed), which enhance the effect of nicotine in several times compared with just smoking tobacco leaf.

To improve the taste of the smell of cigarettes they can be added clove, licorice, orange oil, apricot seeds, lemon oil, lavender oil, dill, cocoa, carrot extracts, musk, myrrh, beet juice, oak leaf, rum, vanilla and vinegar.


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